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Optimize all your store channels for maximum revenues

Mobile credit card reader

Sell products on the go

Real time information helps you manage your sales, fulfill orders and process credit card payments right from your mobile device. Just plug in our free card reader and swipe a credit card, or type in the card number to easily process a sale.

Real time store management

Optimize your store operations and eliminate paperwork later

Personalized retailing increases cart value

Provide the best experience possible for your customers whenever they come into your store. Outside of processing payments, you can use your POS to track your customers preferences, trends, and anything else that interests them.

Shopify POS for your retail storefront

Your online store is opened 24/7

Your customers will have access to all your latest products and promotions. When they place an order online, they'll have the convenience of – having the product delivered right to their door, or, they can have the order set aside at a retail location for pick up. Give your customers the experience they want and keep them coming back for more.

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Mobile card reader

Benefits of a mobile credit card processing system

  • Accept payments at anytime

  • Participate in any pop-up event on the fly

  • Capture your customers information – keep them informed about future events

  • Ability to increase cash flow and move inventory faster

  • Low credit card transaction fees puts more money in your bank

  • Customer contact information and orders synced with Shopify