Shopify Capital

Fund your next big move

From launching your first marketing campaign to scaling your inventory with demand, grow your business with Shopify Capital.

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Skip the application

Avoid lengthy application processes, with minimal paperwork and no credit checks.

Get funding quickly

Receive funding within about 2 days of accepting an offer so you can keep moving.

Repay from sales

Return funding as a percentage of your sales, with payments that flex to fit your business.

Get your business going

Access the small business funding you need to scale, manage seasonal demand, or execute strategic plans.

Get the funding you need to grow your way

Be empowered to make the best choices for your business with timely access to funding. Get capital based on your history with Shopify and skip lengthy application processes.

“I just didn’t want to deal with the whole process of going through a bank—I wanted to focus on the business. A bank loan felt cumbersome and more restrictive. Shopify Capital has a different mentality to it. It’s so easy.”

Tracey Hicks, Founder | All Things Real Estate

Focus on your business, not your finances

Once you accept an offer and receive funding, keep track of your capital in the same place you manage your business, all in Shopify.

“We would have had to borrow money from friends or raise capital from investors, possibly giving up some equity had Shopify Capital not come around.”

William Sulinski, Founder | Pistol Lake